What is Emotional Release Technique?

Emotional Release Technique (ERT) is a powerful personal transformation technique enabling the conscious and unconscious mind to communicate with each other and the body to release stress, the leading cause of all problems and symptoms. Similar to acupressure, the practitioner is able to release by touch, the negative charge of a memory that is the source of the current stress, problem or pain. While gently touching a few specific points, the memory, and all of the issues that have resulted from that (including disease) can be easily released.

The result is freedom from pain and problems in one session, although more sessions may be needed for severe trauma and addictions. Clients who have had years of psychotherapy, at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars, have reported more healing in one or two sessions of ERT for a few hundred dollars.

This technique has been valuable in the treatment and relief of issues including, but not limited to:

Anxiety and anxiety attacks
Weight issues
Disease and physical health issues
Fears and Phobias
Low self image
Grief and loss
Childhood trauma
Lack of love and support, lonliness
Feelings of being a victim

You can finally be free of any problem and walk out of my office with a technique to continue to improve your life as you so desire.


  • No matter how difficult it may seem, you can change any area of your life by practicing these simple skills.
  • We operate from unconscious programming, so when you want to heal your life, the gift of transformation is realized by going to the memory to change the meaning.
  • This is the opportunity to change what we do within us.
  • If you have the freedom to change how you feel, you’ll have the freedom to live longer, freedom from pain, freedom to feel more love and the freedom to make more money.
  • Where is the control? Inside you. As you follow the instructions and apply the power principles, you will be transforming your life.
  • Once you learn how the process works, you are in control of your thoughts and emotions.
  • You can use these powerful skills any time, any place, to heal your life.
    Money Back Guarantee!! No one will leave my e office without feeling better, or your money back!!