Stress Management

Medical professionals now recognize that over 90% of physical illness and 98% of mental/emotional illness is caused or exacerbated by stress. Not only that, but with the current findings on the power of our thoughts and feelings impacting conditions in our lives, we can see how stress, anxiety and worry can actually contribute to negative conditions showing up in our lives.

High blood pressure, over-eating, under-eating, addictive behavior, accelerated aging, and diminished immune response are just a few conditions that can be a direct result of stress. Research has brought to light that health and happiness is directly related to our ability to handle previously “stressful” situations in a new way that includes relaxation, deep breathing, and “tapping” into a pre-programmed “anchor” that puts our mind in a new “frequency” of peace and healthy reactions.

If you desire to change your “stress response” into your new “relaxation response” request an appointment to begin your change: