Quantum Field Transformation

What is it?

The quantum field is the dimension of all possibility. It has been described it as the Matrix—the Source of all things, from which comes what is manifesting on the physical, 3rd dimensional “reality”. It is also the realm of all knowledge of the past of all things also known as the “akashic records”, as well as the realm of all future possibilities. Healing and transformation of any situation in one’s life can be achieved more quickly through connecting with this place of power. Those who are more spiritually inclined could think of this as connecting with their Creator.

With a trained professional, an individual can be lead to the entrance of this “place” (which is really beyond time and space), and step through to another “ time” and find out answers that may hold the keys to one’s current life challenges. A client can experience:

  1. Experiencing all possibilities of healing including addictions, low self esteem, illness, depression, anger issues, relationship and financial problems
  2. Connecting with a different aspect of oneself that has already achieved the goals one is seeking to achieve at the present time
  3. Communicating with a loved one that has passed on
  4. Healing unresolved issues with one who has passed on, by communicating with his or her spirit
  5. Forgiving and releasing of hurts one has suffered or caused for others
  6. Becoming free of addictions
  7. Receiving assistance to help heal and transform challenges of mind, body and spirit.
  8. Finding out one’s purpose in life and the details of that assignment
  9. Experiencing pre-conception meetings with one’s guides and angels to review decisions and contracts that were made in preparation of one’s current life.
  10. Recover a lost memory for a purpose of solving a problem

Christine Savory, Transpersonal Clinical Hypnotherapist and credentialed educator has been trained extensively in several modalities to assist clients in accessing this Matrix Field:

Matrix Energetics, Reconnective Healing, Quantum Healing Hypnosis (Delores Cannon), Quantum Touch Healing, EFT, as well as Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and NLP.

Her Hypnosis techniques have assisted clients to access healing, receive answers to personal questions, regress to past lives, travel to future lives, recall hidden memories of Alien encounters and/or abductions, overcome addictive patterns, lose weight, become empowered to achieve goals, find out one’s life purpose, and achieve a closer bond with their Creator.

Her first book, Two Words That Change Everything describes a life-changing technique that can transform challenges into power for good. It is available at her website: