Hypnotherapy and NLP

I offer Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and NLP to anyone who desires to expand his/her life and rid him/her of blocks that are standing in way of living the life of their dreams. My practice is based on intuitive listening. My goal is to put aside my agenda, and turn the session over to a Higher Intelligence, that knows all about the situation and the best method to bring the most benefit in the least amount of time.

I believe that the “problem” we may be having is really not the problem at all, but a symptom of a disconnect from one’s spiritual being which has the pattern of vibrant health (mind, body, spirit) already. My goal is to assist my clients to connect to that place within them.

In my practice, I assist the client to see each troubling situation as an opportunity full of the potential to expand. Through putting the client in a deeply relaxed state, known as the “alpha” level, new worlds can unfold, answers to questions appear, solutions to problems materialize, and healing energies on all levels are accessed. The “unconscious mind”, which contains the memory of every moment of one’s life, is able to be “reprogrammed” to a new state. This, in turn, helps the client more easily let go of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that no longer serve him/her, and replace the negative messages with new messages of success, health, love, happiness, and fulfillment. Clients report experiencing changes in the first session, however, 3 to 6 sessions are recommended for more dramatic shifts. Hourly rate is $100. Call for sliding scale discounts for those experiencing financial hardships. A free 15 minute consultation is available upon request.

My office is located at 1600 Skypark Dr., Suite 213, Medford, Oregon. You may request an appointment via email: christinesavory77@gmail.com

I will respond by phone if you leave your number and the best time to reach you.

Medical Hypnotherapy

Many of my clients who have had medical procedures have experienced significant benefit from using my custom made CD's.  The power of the mind, and programing the subconscious has proven to have a powerful effect on excelerating  healing, minimizing bleeding, decreasing post-surgical complications, optimizing the benefit of drugs administered, and minimizing pre-surgical anxiety.

If you are facing a medical challenge,  at the very least, you can give yourself the gift of more peace and less stress.  Your custom CD will be filled with relaxing, soothing words that lead you to a place in your inner being that is filled with peace and confidence.  By taking time out to listen to your CD once or twice a day for 15 minutes at least 2 weeks prior to your procedure, you will have all the support possible to experience the most positive outcome you are able to receive. The cost is $135, which includes a 30 minute session private session.